Welcome to the Utah Gay Football League

Welcome to the Utah Gay Football League

Welcome to the Utah Gay Football LeagueWelcome to the Utah Gay Football LeagueWelcome to the Utah Gay Football League

Come Out and Play!

About Us


Who We Are

Founded in 2006, the Utah Gay Football League is a 501(c)(3) flag football league that seeks to promote the positive social and athletic enjoyment of American Flag Football. Through our league, our events and most importantly our players, we also seek to foster and augment the self-respect of all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons and to promote respect and understanding from the larger community.

While particular emphasis is placed on these specific goals, it is a fundamental principle of UGFL that all activities, social and athletic, are conducted to be inclusive in nature and that no individual shall be excluded from participating on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, political beliefs, athletic ability, physical challenge, HIV status or gender identity.

The UGFL is part of a larger community the National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL). Currently, over 200 teams in 22 leagues across the United States and Canada are members of NGFFL. Teams representing these leagues participate in the national tournament titled Gay Bowl, hosted every Columbus Day Weekend in a different member city. 


What We Play For

Being a part of the UGFL is not only about enjoying flag football but also to encourage community and camaraderie, to be active participants in the Salt Lake Metro community, and to serve as examples for the next generation of LGBTQ+ youth, inspiring acceptance, pride, and self-confidence. We play to build bridges and break down stereotypes within and beyond our own community by creating a uniquely welcoming environment to play recreational flag football with integrity and sportsmanship.

Building Community:
An integral component of our league is having a sense of community on and off the field. Our players, captains, referees, and fans will be provided regular opportunities for social and community service engagements. All are encouraged to give back to their surrounding neighborhoods through service opportunities.

Where We Play:
Sugarhouse Park


Join The League

 Want To Be Involved But Don’t Want To Play?:

Great!  We are always looking for volunteers to help out with the league in different capacities including setting up fields, refereeing, and organizing special events.  Please reach out to if you’d like to be a part of the UGFL community.